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There are a number of methods used by unscrupulous ‘organisations’ which facilitate the (often aggressive) mis-selling of Timeshare and Holiday Club memberships. It is important that victims who have been mis-sold Timeshare realise that they are not alone – hundreds of people are taken in by these scams every year and increasing numbers are seeking professional legal advice in order to recoup monies lost. Cooper Burgess International are experts in this field and our experienced legal team is best placed to seek the redress for innocent clients who have been mis-sold by rogue companies.

Common mis-selling techniques

This typically involves a direct approach whereby the victim is offered an incentive to attend a 'Timeshare presentation’ whilst on holiday. Incentives can be provided in the form of scratch cards or promotional literature promising ‘free holidays’ or other high cash value prizes. Crucially, these prizes are offered only in exchange for attendance at a forthcoming Timeshare ‘presentation’ (usually in a nearby location).


Attendees are often subjected to an aggressive sales pitch within an atmosphere which is designed to intimidate. Victims are given the impression that they are obligated to sign a contract and pay a deposit, thereby committing to a purchase.


Usually there is a large disparity between the sales pitch and the reality, with victims actually purchasing Timeshare that is, in fact, vastly different from the advertised package. It is not unusual to find that the advertised location and facilities are of substandard quality and that apartment availability is severely restricted. Additionally, victims find themselves bound into contracts which incur escalating (and unrealistic) maintenance fees.

Moving Forward - Taking Legal Advice

It is vital that victims of mis-sold Timeshare realise that they are not alone. Cooper Burgess International is a professional Claims Management company dedicated to helping those who have suffered financial loss at the hands of unscrupulous Timeshare and Holiday Membership ‘organisations’. Cooper Burgess International aim is to ensure that all claims for compensation are resolved quickly, efficiently – and successfully. Both Cooper Burgess International legal department and our professional claims handlers work in unison with the sole purpose of redressing the balance in favour of the individual; concluding a distressing situation by offering specialised legal advice and support.

Making a Claim for Compensation with Cooper Burgess International

Cooper Burgess International believes that all of our clients deserve full financial recompense which reflects the anguish caused through any dealings with dishonest Timeshare organisations. As such, our streamlined in-house claims processing system ensures that victims are able to receive appropriate compensation as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, Cooper Burgess International cannot stop unscrupulous Timeshare companies from targeting innocent people, however, we are able to guarantee that those who utilise the expertise of our legal department will achieve the most successful outcome possible with regards to their claim for compensation

Claims Process

Step 1 – A Cooper Burgess International designated Claims Handler will conduct a short telephone questionnaire with you in order to establish the best method of pursuing your claim.

Step 2
Cooper Burgess International Clients are asked to sign and return our Terms of Engagement and Letter of Authority, allowing us to fully investigate and resolve your claim as quickly as possible.

Step 3
– A Cooper Burgess International Claims Handler will conduct a short consultation with you prior to engaging in further research encompassing relevant cases and existing legislation.


Step 4
– Your case file will be processed through Cooper Burgess International appropriate redress channels. 

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