Case Study 1


 In July 2014, Mr Wood subscribed to a Holiday Club membership scheme which offered access to a variety of luxurious resorts located throughout Europe. On signing a contract (and paying a large deposit), Mr Wood was informed that he would be eligible to exchange his week’s holiday for a different time and location in accordance with the RCI programme. Unfortunately, Mr Wood soon established that only two substandard resorts were available through the Holiday Club scheme and that the organisation was not registered as part of the RCI programme.


Our team have successfully claimed millions of pounds in compensation across a wide range of mis-sold products and investments. During our long careers, specialist Timeshare knowledge has been developed and refined for clients that have been victims of Timeshare sharp practices and outright fraud.

Case Study 2


Mrs Ashton wished to dispose of her Timeshare. In January 2012, a seemingly reputable company contacted Mrs Ashton with a view to assisting with the sale of her Timeshare property. The company advised that a client had recently expressed an interest in purchasing her Timeshare and that, in order to complete the transaction, Mrs Ashton would be required to pay a fully refundable deposit. After paying a large deposit and signing the necessary contracts, Mrs Ashton found herself unable to make any contact with the company and her Timeshare currently remains unsold.

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