Cooper Burgess International Claims Process

The process through which our clients claim compensation in relation to mis-sold Timeshares and/or Holiday Clubs is both simple and efficient.


On first telephone contact, we ask prospective claimants to answer a few short questions relating to their situation. This helps our professional claims Handlers to assess the most effective method by which they can assist with pursuing financial recompense.

Clients then receive (and sign) a copy of our Terms of Engagement and a Letter of Authority. If they wish to proceed, the client then signs these documents, which enable Cooper Burgess International to pursue all lines of enquiry and communicate with all appropriate redress channels.


This enables both our claims handlers and our legal team to fully investigate and resolve your claim as quickly as possible.


Your designated claim handler will then conduct a short consultation and further research into your claim, reviewing relevant cases and existing legislation in order to compose a streamlined case for successful litigation.


Once you have approved the content of your case file, and we in our professional opinion feel you have a valid claim, your claim will be fully processed through our legal channels.

Please note that your designated claims handler will maintain regular contact with you throughout the entire claims process. This ensures that you benefit from a full understanding of the procedure and can help to expedite the process.

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